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Come as strangers, leave as friends

Five Reasons to Stay at Tower Bridge Hostel

1. The Actual BridgeReally, there is. It leads over the expansive pool in the middle of a lush interior green space filled with leaves and flowers. Lounge in a hammock nearby or play a round of pool volleyball. Wait, what were we talking about again? 2. Creative Cocktail Bar.Considering the options when it comes to…
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Home for the Holidays

Christmas at Tower Bridge Hostel Surf -board and Turf The perfect holiday feast for a tropical haven by the sea, this is lamb, chicken and breaded blossoms served on a surfboard. Artfully created by Chef Jack, the meats were slowly roasted in an equally creative barbecue pit that consisted of leftover building materials. Viva Mexico,…
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Tour to the Secret Waterfall

Step back from the sultry beach and experience the cool freshness of a mountain waterfall. Every Friday, we take a special trip to explore the surrounding countryside of Puerto Escondido. The Road to La Reforma Nestled in the forested valleys of the Sierra Sur foothills, La Reforma is a small “pueblo” about 90 mins away…
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Finally fast internet access!

Obtaining fast internet service is not easy in Puerto Escondido: Telmex can technically only provide us with land lines of max. 6 MB/s, and this is true for maybe only one out of 24 hours of the day. I applied for a second and a third phone line in order to have at least three…
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The beauty of rainy season

‘ Rainy season’ for many people does not sound too attractive. Why should one be exposed to rain, delayed transportation and potential floods? In fact today was the second day with rain after a period of ten dry days. It rained, drizzled, precipitation ceased, the day also had sunny patches. People at the hostel were…
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Bubble Pool Party

Sometimes a pool tropical foliage and an inflatable pink flamingo isn’t enough. You need some bubble therapy! How to bubble up your pool -Pour dishwashing liquid of any scent – some are even ph neutral which is great for both sensitive skin and the pool’s chemistry – into a plastic tub which is constantly filles…
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