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Finally fast internet access!

Come as strangers, leave as friends

Finally fast internet access!

Obtaining fast internet service is not easy in Puerto Escondido:

Telmex can technically only provide us with land lines of max. 6 MB/s, and this is true for maybe only one out of 24 hours of the day. I applied for a second and a third phone line in order to have at least three times 6 Mbit/s. As there were no lines available, they put me on a waiting list in early 2017. I never thought anything might happen – and it didn´t.

Since a year Telcel is offering internet via a mobile router based on a SIM card with around 10 Mbit/s. Probem is the limitation to only 150 GB download per month. This volume is exceeded in the hostel in less than a day.

For years I tried to get reliable internet, but it was just impossible unless having big money. For internet via satellite I have received offers between 25,000 and 40,000 pesos per month. Just slightly out of my budget.

Then a friend from tennis told me about a store that offers fast internet. I was very sceptical first, having spent several days in offices without success.

I had an appointment with the shop owner in May 2019. He explained to me that they were offering to sent the internet signal to me via radio relay. The price for this is significantly higher (five times higher than the Telmex internet package), but he guaranteed a very reliabe service.

So I agreed on a test installation at Tower Bridge Hostel, still being sceptical. The installation took almost a day, including cutting branches of a mango tree and wiring the device. Not to forget that an antenna of nine meters had to be erected.

Installing the test environment – it was hot on the roof

At the end of the day, there was internet reception, and technically the test was a success!

So on the next day the antenna was properly mounted, six wires to three sides are holding it in place, cables and wiring were added. Besides the special router in the lobby there is a professional strong repeater serving all rooms and corners of the hostel, providing us with 20 Mbit/s. We are very happy that even people who work while travelling are now pointing out the strength of the internet connection.

Even the occasionally occurring short power outages don’t bother us anymore, because we have connected the router to a no-break device which guarantees service for another twenty minutes.

Here are pictures of the final installation of the antenna and the repeater.

PS: One week after the installation Telmex called me and said they had an additional line for me…sorry, too late, guys!

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