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Five Reasons to Stay at Tower Bridge Hostel

Come as strangers, leave as friends

Five Reasons to Stay at Tower Bridge Hostel

1. The Actual BridgeReally, there is. It leads over the expansive pool in the middle of a lush interior green space filled with leaves and flowers. Lounge in a hammock nearby or play a round of pool volleyball. Wait, what were we talking about again?

2. Creative Cocktail Bar.Considering the options when it comes to fresh juice and good booze in this part of Mexico, it’s amazing that every hostel doesn’t have a bar like this.

3. Feline ConciergeCuddles and Docita are never far away from the desk, waiting for you to attend to their every need. They may be the concierge, but they are still cats.

4. The Fourth DimensionNobody knows who built this room or how it got here. Theories and urban legends surrounding this mysterious space include everything from a Douglas Adams novel to a Studio I.G. film. The dull truth is it’s just a quirk of interior design in Mexico.

5. The Breakfast NookIn addition to the table by the pool and the lounge area that includes hammocks and greenery, you can enjoy your chilaquiles or fresh fruit in the peaceful dining room.


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