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Tour to the Secret Waterfall

Come as strangers, leave as friends

Tour to the Secret Waterfall

Step back from the sultry beach and experience the cool freshness of a mountain waterfall.

Every Friday, we take a special trip to explore the surrounding countryside of Puerto Escondido.

The Road to La Reforma

Nestled in the forested valleys of the Sierra Sur foothills, La Reforma is a small “pueblo” about 90 mins away from Puerto Escondido. This sleepy little town is another world compared to the sweaty hustle of Puerto Escondido.

This isn’t just a regular road trip. The rough road to “Las Cascadas” is an adventure itself. Hang tight as you travel along roads that might have been riverbeds, past sweeping vistas and idyllic family farms.

Some unique sights are waiting along the road that you won’t expect. Keep an eye out for the jaguar murals and unique rock formations.

The Secret Waterfall

Our journey ends at the end of the road. The humble dirt track that extends a short distance from little La Reforma ends where the footpath begins.

Stop by the small welcome cabin for snacks, beer to go and bathroom breaks. The friendly folks there will greet you and give you some directions if you need them.

The path to the waterfall is part concrete and part dirt or rock path. There are several cabins along the way, available for adventurers who want to spend the night.

The trek leads across a river and follows a winding stairway upward. The waterfall is an impressive ten stories high, with plenty of spray and foam. Indulge in the cool, fresh water, collect smooth colorful stones and lounge on the shore.

Carmelita’s Garden

After the sun goes down, it’s time for dinner with Carmelita.

It sounds like the name of a trendy restaurant, but it really is a garden and the lady who lives here is Carmelita. She’s happy to cook dinner for a group of tired and soggy adventurers.

The menu is usually improvised, but what’s always the same is the home-cooked meal waiting for you after the waterfall.

Return to Tower Bridge just after dark with a full belly, plenty of pictures and fond memories.

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